Getting to compliance is difficult. Staying in compliance and reducing risk is a lot easier if your organization implements procedures that produce compliant results.

Compliance is achievable and sustainable if:

  • Procedures implement policies that clearly define requirements
  • Procedures are documented and are unambiguous as to what must be done, when and by whom
  • The organization changes policies and procedures as necessary
  • The organization’s policies and procedures serve as the basis for training
  • The organization appropriately funds compliance and risk management activities

In short, achieving and sustaining compliance requires doing the right things right: the WHAT and HOW.

In our experience, organizations frequently fail to identify all of the WHAT and fall very short on documenting the HOW and evidence of their compliance.

Our compliance services are focused on identifying the regulatory drivers that determine the WHAT and providing the services and publications that enable our clients to understand, achieve and maintain compliance.

We are HIPAA, HITECH, Business Process, Cybersecurity and Business Continuity subject matter experts with over 100+ years of experience working for large vendors, fortune 500 companies, providers including Academic Medical Centers, clearinghouses, health plans, and the federal and state agencies that write and enforce regulations.

We have been published in national magazines, and e-Magazines including JHIM. We have drafted content for tools, presented testimony at NCVHS, and submitted comments to both CMS and OCR. We also work for medical societies and hospital association, plus accreditation organizations.

Contact us to see how we can help you:

  • Prepare for a HIPAA, HITECH and Meaningful Use Audits
  • Perform a Risk Assessment for HIPAA and Meaningful Use
  • Assess your organization’s evidence of compliance
  • Improve your organization’s skills in documenting policies and procedures
  • Develop and Implement compliant policies, procedures and required documentation
  • Develop a road-map to improve your organization’s compliance
  • Understand the impact of regulations as they specifically affect your operation
  • Prepare for emergency operations of your business and information systems