HIPAA Security Audit PrepBook

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This PrepBook is essential for all Covered Entities and Business Associates who want to get a head start in preparation for an OCR HIPAA Security audit.

The PrepBook is based on the OCR HIPAA Audit Protocols that contain the instructions OCR auditors were to follow when assessing a covered entity’s compliance with the HIPAA Security rules. OCR plans to issue the next generation of HIPAA Audit Protocols in 2016. The updated protocols, based on OCR’s audit experience, is expected to be more focused than the current version and to also address changes that reflect the Omnibus Rule.

The PrepBook includes explanations of terms used in the OCR HIPAA Breach and Privacy Audit Protocols, comments on the Rules and clear statements of evidence the auditors will ask for as well as additional evidence that may be helpful in responding to an audit.

The 77 rows of the MS Word table are annotated with more than 50 footnotes and the PrepBook includes a table of contents for easy access to the Key Activities, as defined by the OCR HIPAA Audit Protocol.

Use this PrepBook to identify your security compliance gaps, document your readiness and establish a plan to prepare for an audit.

Buy this publication if you want a comprehensive planning template and access to expert clarification and interpretation about the documentation that may be requested in an OCR HIPAA Security Audit.

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