HIPAA Security and Privacy

  • Facilitate a thorough and accurate risk assessment to comply with HIPAA and Meaningful Use
  • Assess HIPAA security and privacy compliance practices and supporting documentation
  • Support development of  HIPAA policies, procedures and documentation templates
  • Support implementation of HIPAA policies and procedures and templates
  • Support preparation for audit, support during audit and development of post audit remediation plans and controls
  • Facilitate development of incident response plans and procedures
  • Facilitate assessment and development of contingency plans and procedures

Meaningful Use

  • Assess Measures
  • Facilitate a thorough and accurate risk assessment for Meaningful Use


  • Assess breach response policies, plans, procedures, and training materials
  • Facilitate development of breach response planning and response policies, procedures and training materials

Process Improvement

  • Assess healthcare business processes for performance and compliance
  • Design improved or new policy, process and documentation templates

Skills Improvement

  • Constructing and writing clear and effective policies
  • Constructing and writing good procedures