Writing Good Policies: there IS a right way to do this!

Policies set the stage and serve as an organization’s foundation and initial roadmap for all follow-on compliance activities. Poorly designed and incomplete policies may result in an organization’s collapse during an audit. A fully implemented compliance program requires continuous assessment and monitoring of an organization’s policies and procedures.  

The Webinar addresses:

  • How to differentiate a Policy from a Procedure
  • HIPAA Controls
  • The steps to Write Good Policy and Procedure
  • What belongs in Policy and what belongs Procedure
  • What makes a good Policy
  • The benefits of a good Policy
  • When to create or revise a Policy
  • What makes a bad Policy, and what makes an ugly (a really bad) Policy

About the presenters:Carl Abramson, Susan A. Miller, J.D. and Kathleen Lucey, FBCI, have extensive experience in writing and reviewing policies, procedures and related documentation. Their combined IT management, legal and consulting backgrounds result in valuable, practical insight and useful guidance across a broad range of healthcare information technology operational and compliance issues.

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